Allergen removal, pet urine, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, fungal spores and other harmful organisms all contribute to an unhealthy indoor environment. Class Services can help!

XtraOrdinAir by Class Services has the privilege of being able to provide the solution for odors and allergens in vehicles.  Vehicles manifesting severe odors will usually have highly active odor causing bacteria in them.  We do not use scent packs and other masking agents to convince you we have done the job.  If the smell is gone, it is gone for good.

XtraOrdinAir gets the stink out and affords an extra step called Prevnt.  This solution provides longer resolutions than any other firm can, to date.  There are pros and cons in every industry, we are the pros in ours.  Our specialties included removing odors linked to nicotine, pets, mold spores, active odor causing bacteria, marijuana, BFR's and VOC's.

Prevnt - Photocatalytic coating is an environmentally friendly water based solution which, when applied to the interior of a vehicle, it forms an invisible, long lasting coating that actively protects the surfaces from the buildup of organic matter - including bacteria, molds germs, and allergens.  This is the ultimate investment in long term cabin air quality.

Although we serve dealers, wholesalers, detailers, collision shops and consumers, we love to train and raise up entrepreneurs that want to own their own business.  For only $4,995.00, you can be a dealer, fully equipped and trained.

Whether you choose to hire us to do the work or if you want to do the work yourself, we are here to serve you.  You are our highest priority in both cases.  Air quality and air restoration are at the heart of XtraOrdinAir's mission in the auto industry.

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