Thermal Imaging is a type of infrared imaging, using a thermographic camera that detects radiation and produces images of that radiation. Thermal Imaging cameras are used to identify areas where water damage may have occurred and offer a non-destructive way to test and quickly scan for the presence of moisture.  Thermal cameras make it easier to find water problems, verify drying, find missing insulation and pinpoint building defects in real time.


Right:  In 2004, Class extracted over 27,000 gallons of water after Hurricane Charley tore the roof off the Southwest Airlines terminal at the Orlando International Airport.

Water damage can be deceptive.  When water penetrates structural cavities, it creates trapped pockets of saturation. Detecting the water can often only be discovered using sophisticated moisture detection meters.  If undetected, this moisture will cause odors before other destruction becomes noticeable.  Greater damage will surface when materials delaminate, shrink, and further deteriorate - requiring costly repairs.

More than just removing excess water, our Clean Trust Certified restorers have the knowledge and equipment to further dry your home or facility (including substructure materials) completely back to pre-loss condition.  

If water saturation has been present and does not receive prompt attention, bacteria and mold are certain byproducts.  Through timely response and the careful monitoring of water damage, mold and other health issues can be prevented.  

Our IICRC Certified professionals have the expertise to identify moisture sources, evaluate mold growth (visible or suspected), contain damage, remove contamination and dry materials to ensure that mold will not occur.

No loss is too small or too large       for us to handle!

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Professional restoration technicians understand the need for quick response.  Prompt mitigation and drying are keys to prevent escalating costs.  The longer the mitigation is delayed, the higher the cost of restoration.  Certified restorers have the knowledge to assess damages, take appropriate steps to preserve and protect your property, and return your home or building to pre-loss condition.

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Left:  After Hurricane Wilma's high winds and rain caused damage to the Greenberg Traurig Building in Miami, Class was there to provide drying, debris removal and clean up services.


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